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A History Lesson For Those Who Want To Know:-

For nearly 40 years, Oilily BV (BV is the Dutch equivalent of Ltd) designed and manufactured their own well know range of funky and stylish bags, with ranges which have always included Baby Changing Bags (Diaperbags) Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Back Packs, Sports Bags, Beauty Bags, Weekenders, Bottle Bags, Purses, and Pencil Cases, plus an exquisite range of up market bags for the Ladies. The staggering thing about Oilily bags, is not only the range and quantity of their collections, but the many and varied designs, and the fact that a new Collection came out every six months. i.e. One each for Summer and Winter.

From 1978 until 2009, Van Huizen Enterprises, now Vanhuizen Ltd, was, until the late 1990's formerly known as Van Huizen Agencies, before that name was resurrected again in 2009 by somebody else, were the sole UK Agents for anything to do with Oilily, including their bag collections, and we supplied numerous shops with Oilily branded products over the years.  This all came to an abrupt halt in March 2009, when Oilily went bankrupt, resulting in a number of changes all round for numerous people. 
As you will read below, until Autumn/Winter 2017, Oilily bags as a brand, never ceased production, as this side of things was licenced out to Colorful Licenses just prior to Oilily's bankruptcy, and production continued unabated until 2017. 

Van Huizen Enterprises Ltd continued to be the sole UK agents for the Oilily bags until July 2011, whilst the Oilily kids clothing side of the brand, which was resurrected for Autumn / Winter 2010 season, went to the newly revamped Van Huizen Agencies Ltd (No business connection with Vanhuizen Ltd) as their new UK agent.
What was not fully understood by many, and had been a continual source of confusion over the years, was the fact that in addition to their own range of designed bags, for many years Oilily BV additionally licenced out the manufacture of a separate, cheaper range of Ladies & Cosmetic bags, aimed mainly at the Dutch home market. These alternative Oilily bags weren't officially available in the UK, and as a result rarely seen here until around 2004/5, when they were unofficially imported into the UK from Belgium, and sold to shops and web-sites here, until this avenue was closed to them in 2008.

It was at this stage that Colorful Licenses, seeing the demand, and wishing to formalise matters, appointed Van Huizen Enterprises (VHE) as their official UK Agent
.  This arrangement however, came to an abrupt end in June 2011, when a number of Agents were appointed throughout the UK, with VHE, now Vanhuizen Ltd, 
continuing their involvement with Oilily bags, by running this web-site, which we have been doing for 3 years now.  
Our established web-site not only offers members of the UK public the chance to buy their Oilily bags on-line, but also extends to experience to those in far flung corners of the globe, where the opportunity to buy Oilily bags may be limited, or non existent.  



Small Oilily Shoulder Bag, V-Puppy, From Spring/Summer 2006

The originally 'alternative' Oilily bags were designed and manufactured separately by another Dutch company, called Colorful Licenses, who until February 2017 produced the bags, with Oilily World BV, as Licensor, who were erquired to give their approval for all designs intended for production. In 2008, Oilily BV for whatever reason, decided to give up producing bags themselves, which is still the situation today. 

Colorful Licenses bought all further licences from Oilily World BV, which enabled them to soley produce all Oilily bags under the Oilily name, using the Oilily logo. In addition, in 2008, in a carefully orchestrated manovure, the whole Oilily BV bag design team moved across to work for Colorful Licenses, and so the transition was complete.

That was until early 2017, when Colorful Licenses's license with Oilily ended, and for whatever reason wasn't renewed, with the licence going instead to a German company called
Müller & Meirer Lederwarenfabrik GmbH.  We await further developments, but at the time of writing, there doesn't seem to an Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection in the offing.